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Brody, filial branch 1

1 Ivan Bohun str., 80600 Brody, Lvov obl., Ukraine

Vinnitsa, filial branch 1

24 Sergei Zulinsky (formerly Tarnogorodsky) str., 21000 Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Vyshneve, filial branch

8 Kievska str., 08132 Vyshneve, Kiev obl., Ukraine

Dnipro, filial branch 1

18b Alexandra Opsupa str., 49000 Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro, filial branch 2

21a Alexandra Opsupa str., 49000 Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro, filial branch 3

5 Kvitki-Osnovyanenko, str., 49000 Dnipro, Ukraine

Dubove, filial branch

27 Kutuzov str., 45031 Dubove vill. Kovelskii distr., Volyn obl., Ukraine

Zhitomir, filial branch 1

62 Sergiy Paradzhanov str., 10002 Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia, filial branch 1

6 South Highway, 69000 Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Ivano-Frankivsk, filial branch 1

2A Avtolivmashivska str., 76000 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Kamianets-Podilskyi, filial branch 1

24 Marshal Kharchenko str., Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytsky obl., Ukraine

Kyiv, filial branch 1

32 Viskozna str., 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine

Kriviy Rig, filial branch

127/50 Okrujna str., 50000 Kriviy Rig, Dnipro obl., Ukraine

Kropyvnytskyi, filial branch

41 Murmanska str., 25000 Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovograd obl., Ukraine

Lutsk, filial branch

76a Rovenska str., 43000 Lutsk,Volyn obl., Ukraine

Lviv, filial branch

1 Navrotskogo str., 79000 Lviv, Ukraine

Mariupol, filial branch

200 Krasnoflotska, str., 87500 Mariupol, Donetsk obl., Ukraine

Melitopol, filial branch

13 Michurina str., 72300 Melitopol, Zaporozhye obl., Ukraine

Mukachevo, filial branch

21 Furmanov's str.,89600 Mukachevo, Zakarpatska obl., Ukraine

Novovolynsk, filial branch 1

47 Shakhterskaya str., 45400 Novovolynsk, Volyn obl., Ukraine

Odesa, filial branch 1

5a Leningrads'ke highway, 65078 Odesa, Ukraine

Pokrovsk, filial branch 1

1 Agrarnaya str.,85300 Pokrovsk, Donetsk obl., Ukraine