Cargo Transportation

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AV Metal Group Cargo Delivery

Our company forwards cargo throughout Ukraine. Delivery is carried out with owned vehicles with load-carrying capacity from 1.5 to 20 ton and length from 6 to 12 m.


It is also possible to order the handler truck with load-carrying capacity from 6 to 20 ton.


Passing Delivery

Passing transport can change its route on the delivery way. This is an additional advantage. The benefits of passing transport are great for both the customers and carrier. It is easy to combine several customers on the one delivery way.

During the passing delivery, we excludes idle running of our transport. Our customers have possibility to use free space in the vehicle to transport small cargo, for which there isn’t any sense to hire the whole truck.


Address Delivery

Our company provides address delivery throughout Ukraine. The service cost is determined in accordance with the approved rates. For getting know the calculation and the cost of transportation you can contact the manager or you can send a request through the on-line form on our website.