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AV metal group is the largest metal trading company in Ukraine. Our metal warehouses network covers almost all regions of the country. Up to date, there are about 278 actively operational warehouses. Every division offers the customer a huge range of products at consumer and producer prices.

The most active regions according to the number of requests are Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro. Therefore, the largest number of our branches are located on these territories. There are 30 warehouses in Dnipro and the region, Kharkivs’kiy region - 31, Kyivs’kiy - 32, Lvivs’kiy - 24.

Making a purchase, our customers can appropriate the products directly from the warehouse or order the delivery, which is included in the additional service of our company. We also complete the preparative treatment of the products: oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting, metal cutting on the belt-saw machine and longitudinal cutting of the coil metal. We provide our customers with a huge selection of a wide range, which is always available in every warehouse. Relevant availability range of the products is determined with the optimal logistic network and continuously operating production capacities.